Did you know…

A small sampling of Dominik Sasim’s collection

Did you know that one of our lapel pins is on its way to Warsaw, Poland right now to be included in a museum pin collection held by Mr. Dominik Sasim?  We were contacted by Mr. Sasim last week requesting a Concord Point Lighthouse pin to add to his collection and we happily sent him one along with our brochures.  I asked Mr. Sasim to give us a little information about his collection for the blog:

“I have been collecting lapel pins and badges
from museums all over the world for over four years now.  My hobby began with the collection of post
stamps together with my father. Later I switched to badges and label pins from
various museums.  Now, after nearly four years of collecting I
have managed to gather over 1500 of them, out of which 700 are of foreign
origin. My collection expands mainly thanks to exchange with other collectors
as well as via internet auctions. My friends and colleagues also remember my
hobby and often bring these small souvenirs 
for me from their domestic or international voyages. Additionally I
often visit museums myself in search of new gadgets for my collection. With
some of them I maintain contact relation.
The oldest and most valuable exhibit in my
collection is the badge from the already nonexistent Museum of Archeology in
Warsaw that dates back in 1933 and Mausoleum of Zwirko and Wigura in Cierlicko
in 1935. I also possess rare exhibits from the most remote locations in the
world, like for example, the ones from Dorothy G. Page Museum in Wasilla,
Alaska, or from the Museum of
Musical Instruments in Japan, or Museum at
South Georgia Island near Antarctica and the Falkland Islands Museum. I also have pins with museums in Africa, North and South America, Australia
and Asia. My favourite badge is the one from the Juna
Museum of Earth from Szklarska Poreba in Poland as well as the badge
representing Bluenose II Lunenburg schooner from the Fisheries Museum of the
Atlantic in New Scotland. This is in fact only a start of a collection
which I intend to systematically develop and expand with new exhibits!”
Thank you Mr. Sasim and we look forward to seeing your collection develop!

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