Frequently Asked Questions


wedding at Concord Point LighthouseMay I hold a wedding ceremony at Concord Point Lighthouse?
Yes, the grounds of the Lighthouse may be reserved for weddings and other ceremonies.

Is professional photography allowed on the grounds?
Yes, please see our rules and restrictions below:
Photography Rules and Restrictions

5th order Fresnel lens of the Concord Point Lighthouse in Havre de Grace, MDDoes the lighthouse still work?
Yes, the Lighthouse shines nightly with the 5th Order Fresnel Lens and 100 watt bulb.

Are visitors allowed into the lighthouse?
Yes, visitors can climb to the lantern room if they are at least 42 inches tall.

Is the Lighthouse haunted?
No paranormal activity has been experienced by current members of the Friends. However, a visitor last summer reported her grandfather refuses to enter the lighthouse, claiming a spooky experience many years ago when he was doing maintenance work on it.

Keeper’s Dwelling

Was this place a bar?
Yes, the keeper’s property was sold in 1920 and after many additions became a popular bar with a dance floor. See Lighthouse History.

Are the floors original?
No, the keeper’s house had undergone significant changes between 1920 and 1988. The exterior features of the house are original, but the interior has been reconstructed to the 1884 version.

Was it flooded during Hurricane Isabel?
Yes, the hurricane surge at high tide caused flooding halfway up Lafayette Street. Flood damage occurred to the kitchen room and first floor of the keeper’s dwelling.

Is John O’Neill buried here?
John O’Neill is buried in Angel Hill Cemetery here in Havre de Grace, but not at the lighthouse.

Hours of Operation

The Lighthouse and Keeper's House Museum and Gift Shop are open!

From April through October our hours will be:

Saturday 10 am - 2 pm.

Sunday 1 pm - 5 pm.

We ask that visitors please practice social distancing. Masks and sanitizer are available at both the Lighthouse and Keeper's House.

Located off of I-95, exit 89 between Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Free Admission.

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